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Site Acquisition

Developing a wireless network today requires a keen understanding of the intricacies involved in the entire site development process, from RF design and site selection to construction and network optimization. Our success lies in our knowledge not only of RF design criteria, but how to recognize and respect local zoning laws and telecommunication ordinances to get maximum radio coverage.

Our RF design Specialists proactively review RF designs for a network grid around a friendly environment that will facilitate zoning and construction issues at the onset. This eliminates expansive reissues and redesigns, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Also, by addressing the process up-front and then selecting sites that conform to pre-approved zoning ordinances, MT2 Telecom enhances its client’s ability to streamline the entitlement process and facilitate rapid build-outs.


RF Design Review

  • Pre-design feasibility including topography, zoning and demographic analysis
  • Preliminary site count analysis and search ring evaluation
  • Propagation modeling analysis
  • Federal Filings, including FCC and FAA technical representation at public hearings

Site Selection & Acquisition

  • Identify sites suitable for maximum radio coverage, construction ability and zoning
  • Identification and procurement of all “master friendly” real estate sites including MT2 Telecom’s portfolio of company-owned towers
  • Site are sweep and Search Ring (SR) analysis resulting in primary and alternative sites
  • Real estate negotiations and lease procurement on primary and secondary candidates
  • Business law and legal review for client evaluation and assessment
  • RF review and network interconnect feasibility
  • Title search, jurisdictional filings and recordation
  • Lease Audit and summary documentation

Land Use Planning/Zoning

  • Pre-zoning analysis and feasibility
  • Identification of all jurisdictional zones deemed “permissible uses” for antenna related communications facilities
  • Conformance to all municipal conditions of approval including collocation agreements
  • Audit of existing telecom policies and ordinances , if applicable
  • Preparation and coordination of all appropriate and required architectural and engineering drawings including:
  • Land and roof surveys
  • Civil/structural plans and reports
  • Environmental review
  • Compilation and submittal of CUP/Zoning applications for all jurisdictions, including:
    • Local city and county authority/municipality
    • State and Federal transportation entities
    • NEPA compliance
    • Public Affairs, Public Relations and Educational Forums
    • Representation at all hearings
    • Monitoring and implementation of all Conditions of Approval

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